About (2018)

Sensing an opportunity, Canada’s federal government committed $125 million in its 2017 budget to launch a “Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy for research and talent.” The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) will implement the Strategy in order to promote collaboration between Canada’s main centres of expertise in Montréal, Toronto-Waterloo and Edmonton.

Canada has positioned itself as a world leader and destination of choice for companies looking to invest in artificial intelligence and innovation. IP Osgoode's  “Bracing for Impact: The Artificial Intelligence Challenge” conference recognized that advancements in AI will have a huge impact on our social, moral and legal norms. It is therefore important to not only fund AI innovation, but we must also move quickly to ensure that robust and effective governance structures are in place.

The conference was held at the Law Society of Ontario, Donald Lamont Centre, on February 2, 2018,  The conference featured internationally renowned AI experts and focused on some of the fundamental questions that arise when machines start to think for themselves.

Topics included:

  • The impact and implications of AI for Industry;
  • Concerns about Intellectual Property and Commercialization;
  • Cybersecurity and Algorithmic Accountability;
  • Social Good.

Visit the PROCEEDINGS page to listen or watch the conference recordings.

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